Let's talk about fires. All fires must be off the ground or in a permanent fire pit. The legion doesn't want a bunch of burn spots in their grass. Please don't bring any firewood we have a supply close by, if we look like we're going to run out we will go get more. Bring an ax or a good hatchet. No fires are to be left unattended, they will be extinguished if found unattended.

Trash? We don't want your trash! Please do not put trash in the toilets. Just don't do it. Please be aware of what you bring and if you pack it in, then pack it out! Help your neighbor and help us keep this beautiful space clean.

Reusable beverage containers are encouraged! This supports our desire to reduce trash and should be your regular habit anyhow!!

Persons under 18 must be with a parent or legal guardian. All ages are welcome!

No illegal, immoral or dangerous activity. Please be prepared to handle your own stuff: Personal responsibility is expected.

Emergency info is important to have it accessible, We do have an EMT, and we would prefer he not have anything to do really.

We will not be allowing pets at this event. No dogs, cats, birds, snakes, ect! No animals. Ok, registered support animals are permitted with pre-approval ( Show us the paperwork ) Let's discuss your animal.

Any questions about these rules can be emailed to Art & Jen.